Simplest Financial Hack – The Jam Jar!

In this blog, I'm going to discuss a simple financial hack (something probably most of you have already heard of), but never quite got the hang of, just yet - Saving through the Jam Jar Technique Or Cookie Jars (in case you prefer cookies 😛 )


Kerala style Duck Curry

Spicy Naadan Thaarav Curry....slrrrrppp!

Our Little Simba

With tears of joy, and a nervous hint, I told your daddy, that this was it. Mom and dad we were to be, Of a little snowball, we couldn't wait to see. Your little kicks, and wiggles inside, Had me giggling, and dreaming of you, with me beside. Daddy left soon, because he couldn't stay,... Continue Reading →

Smoked Afghani Kabab

I'm someone who totally loves the smoky flavour. Be it chips, meat, vegetables, anything and everything just tastes better smoked up! 😛 😀 (Pun intended) But, using charcoal at home seemed too tedious, and messy, so I kept procrastinating the idea, until one day, my oh so brilliant husbaaanddd  (hate this word!) burnt coconut shell... Continue Reading →

Coorgi Pork

This is as close as I've gotten to the authentic corgi pork. It's my quick take version, and my dad and everyone else who has tasted it absolutely loved it, so I guess it's one of my best recipes. It's a no-nonsense super easy recipe. The only time consuming part would be the frying of... Continue Reading →

Thai Green Curry

The best friend aka husbaaannnd and I made a trip to Krabi after our wedding. I hate the word honeymoon, therefore I shall not call it that, but that's what it was. We both love travelling, exploring new cultures and trying the local cuisine. On one such adventurous afternoons in Krabi, we rented a bike,... Continue Reading →

Butter Chicken

I started experimenting in the kitchen sometime during my college days, and butter chicken was one of the first recipes I ever tried. Just that back then, even Maggie making was a big deal, so I simply chose to buy a 'heat and eat' pack of butter chicken and rave about my cooking skills! I've... Continue Reading →

Burmese Khaosuey

I was introduced to this dish at a team lunch at the JW Kitchen, Marriott. I was always a big fan of soupy noodles, but this was another level altogether. The burst of flavours hit me in the head, and from then on I've been the biggest Khaosuey ambassador the world has ever known :P... Continue Reading →

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